We provide a place to connect with many people through the sport of golf!

Unlike other sports, golf is a wonderful sport in which you praise your friends and play yourself.

We aim to create a space where you can play golf together regardless of age, gender, position, etc.

Shichijo's cozy shop

We aim to create a store that is easy to use in any situation.

Just hearing about golf lounges and BARs may give you the impression that the threshold is high and it is difficult to enter the store.

The owner, KOUSUKE, is an inclusive owner who loves sports and talking. The atmosphere of making sake changes drastically. This is a must-see for everyone.

Toshikazu Kawashima, who teaches golf lessons at our studio, is also a very friendly, easy-to-speak, and friendly lesson pro.

Many customers who do not play golf come to our store.

Our famous shop near Shichijo can also be used for welcome parties and pick-up parties

Large-scale banquets such as company welcome parties and pick-up parties can also be reserved for private use. Normally, there are more than a dozen seats in the store, but when chartered, we will change the arrangement of tables and chairs so that nearly 60 people can enter. In addition, because we offer sake at a reasonable price based on one coin, students are often used to launch clubs and club activities. In addition, we accept reservations for charter by phone.
We provide thorough customer service guidance to our staff so that those who come to our store can enjoy themselves until they get home. We have received high praise from the customers who have come so far, but we are not satisfied with it, and we will do our best to make more people enjoy sake and sake, so please do not hesitate to come.