A taste of Japanese confectionery can be enjoyed with your eyes

The cafe that has gained popularity in Shichijo is rare even in Kyoto, and you can enjoy Japanese sweets with sake. This combination is not very familiar to many people, but Japanese sweets and liquor are very compatible. For example, the elegant sweetness of the eggplant blends comfortably in the mouth without disturbing the sake.
You can enjoy watching Japanese sweets as well as eating them. There are everything from small and cute items to gorgeous gems like art, so please come if you are interested.

Japanese sweets are all 350 yen .

* All prices are tax-excluded

All Japanese culture, including Japanese confectionery, has lived in Kyoto today. But even in that area, bars that offer Japanese sweets along with alcohol are very rare. Even those who were initially wondering about the combination of liquor and Japanese confectionery will be convinced of their compatibility once they are consumed. There are many Japanese sweets that are made by craftsmen, so there are many things that look very elaborate.
There are counter seats in the store, so you can go alone. Since the owner is young, students often come to a consultation about love and life as an older brother who can be a little older. If you are interested, please come and visit us because you will be greeted with high-quality Japanese sweets and drinks that are intoxicated.