Reviews of cafes with a good reputation in Shichijo

We are open while keeping in mind that everyone will be satisfied. We are working on separating smoke in the store, and it is an environment that both smokers and non-smokers can enjoy. We are also open on public holidays, so even busy people will be able to visit us on weekdays and holidays.
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At our shop, which is famous near Shichijo, we provide thorough customer service guidance.

At our shop, which is attracting attention in Shichijo, all the staff are trying to serve customers comfortably so that customers can use the shop comfortably. No matter how tasty the sake is, if the staff who serve them are not very good, customers will be dissatisfied and will not enjoy it. I can't stand it very much, so I am conscious of polite customer service so that I can continue to have fun until the moment I return.

It is convenient for those who come to our shop to use Shichijo Station.

There is a shop within walking distance from Shichijo Station, so it is easy for those who use the Keihan Main Line to visit. There is also Kyoto Station, which is a few minutes walk away, so it is possible for those who come to sightseeing to enjoy it as the end of their trip. There are many famous places in Kyoto near our shop, such as the Kyoto National Museum, which has a history of more than 100 years, and Sanjusangendo, which is famous for those who practice archery. it's recommended.
The Kamo River, which is famous for many couples lining up on the riverbed, runs nearby, so many customers come on dates. We also have beautifully colored cocktails, so please feel free to visit us.


It is a calm place where the Kamo River flows in front of you


Store name

Japanese confectionery bar VIPPA

Street address

244-1 Shimoborizume-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

phone number
business hours

11:30 〜 16:30

Regular holiday

Water tree


藤井 功輔


The famous cafe around Shichijo is rare even in Kyoto, and it serves Japanese sweets with sake. Not only Japanese sake, the raw material of which is the same, but also Japanese sweets are compatible with various types of sake. Japanese sweets made with great care by Kyoto craftsmen have different designs depending on the season, and they can be enjoyed not only by the tongue but also by the eyes. We are open for lunch, so if you are interested, please come.