Our shop, which is open in Shichijo, is highly evaluated.

Our shop, which has a good reputation in Shichijo, strives to provide various services so that our customers can be truly satisfied. For example, we have carefully selected the lighting inside the store to create a calm space with a hideaway atmosphere, and have prepared a place where it is easy to drink alone.
We have received many compliments from customers who were pleased with the service. We will continue to do our best so that you can enjoy sake comfortably, so please do not hesitate to come even if you have come before.

It's easy to visit because there is a shop near Shichijo station

You can come to the store on foot from the nearest station where the Keihan Main Line runs. In addition, there is a prefectural road 113 that crosses Kyoto near the shop, so it is a convenient location if you come by car. In the vicinity, there are the Wataruen Garden, which is the precincts of Higashi Honganji Temple, and the Kyoto National Museum, which houses many national treasures and important cultural properties, so it is also suitable for sightseeing. If you can visit these famous places during the day and come to the store after dark, you will be able to fully enjoy Kyoto.
One of the features is that many people attending local universities come to the store.

You can enjoy a wide variety of sake at our shop, which is thriving in Shichijo.

We have a variety of alcoholic beverages in the store so that all customers can enjoy it. From orthodox cocktails to high-frequency tequila, whiskey and shochu are also available, so you can enjoy what you like.
People who have met old friends for the first time in a long time often hold girls-only gatherings. Since the smoke is separated in the store, even those who are not good at the smell of cigarettes can spend comfortably. Alcohol has a low alcohol content and is easy to drink, and soft drinks are also available. We are aiming to create a store that will please everyone, so please feel free to come and visit us when you want to make flowers bloom in old tales.

Our popular shop near Shichijo is also suitable for dates.

Couples often come to our shop, which is gaining popularity in Shichijo. In particular, the Kamo River, which flows nearby, is famous as a date spot, so many people come to the store after watching the sunset swaying on the surface of the river. We also have a large selection of cocktails that you can enjoy with tipsy, so you can use it as a shop to visit at the end of your date.
The owner is in his thirties, so I can talk well with the students. Therefore, there are many people who come for romance consultation. Everyone looks satisfied when they leave the store in order to provide delicious sake and Japanese sweets that go well with it so that they can relax while listening carefully to their concerns. Of course, you can talk casually, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to come.