It is a hideaway bar that can be used for all occasions such as welcome and farewell parties and dates.

Our shop is recommended for all customers. The Kamo River, which is famous as a date spot in Kyoto, runs nearby, so you can walk to the store after enjoying the scenery while lining up on the riverbed.
It can also be used as a venue for various banquets. There are various types of sake in the store, so you can enjoy what you like. We have a good reputation for good customer service, and the staff are close to each other, so if you are looking for a restaurant with a bright atmosphere, please come and visit us.

Good customer service is the reason why golf & BAR, which is attracting attention in Shichijo, is popular.

From the time you visit us to the time you return, we strive every day to provide customers who are happy to come to this store and want to go there again.
In golf lessons, we will provide lessons that are close to you so that you can enjoy yourself.

In the evening BAR business, we not only serve sake at a reasonable price, but also devise various ideas such as decorating it as a hideaway and setting up terrace seats. As a result, we have received high praise from many customers, but we will continue to strive to provide services to more people, so if you are looking for golf lessons or a bar with a good atmosphere, please use it once. give me.

Parking lot available! Access is the best! 10 seconds walk from Shichijo station!

There is a parking lot, so you can come to take golf lessons by car. Our shop is within walking distance from Shichijo station, so it is easy for those who use the Keihan Main Line to visit. There is also Kyoto Station, which is about a 10-minute walk away, so tourists often choose our shop as the end of their trip. There are many famous places in Kyoto near the bar, such as the Kyoto National Museum, which has a history of more than 100 years, and Sanjusangendo, which is famous for those who practice archery. it's recommended.
The Kamo River, which is famous for having many couples lined up on the riverbed, runs nearby, so many customers come on dates. We also have beautifully colored cocktails, so please feel free to visit us.

Golf lessons that are perfect for one-on-one customers

We want to make our customers happy through golf lessons! Please experience the lesson of Toshikazu Kawashima, a lesson professional with that strong feeling.

From beginners who have never played golf to those who are stuck in improving, we will do our best to support you.

A blog updated by a cafe that is a hot topic in Shichijo

We are updating the blog on our homepage so that our customers can use the bar more comfortably. There are various articles posted, such as liquor tips, staff introductions, and event reports. Taste is not the only way to enjoy sake. Whether or not you know the manufacturing method and roots will also make your time at the bar fun.
All the staff will work hard to make the bar even better for our customers. To that end, we have a system in place to widely incorporate the opinions of each and every customer, so please feel free to tell the staff even if it is a trivial matter.