A famous bar in Kyoto is publishing various articles on its blog

At the bar that is gaining popularity in Shichijo, we are updating the blog on our homepage. In addition to the report of the event held in the store, the content is content that anyone can enjoy, such as campaign information and knowledge of the sake that is available.
The article is written with an awareness of clarity. Requests are accepted at any time, so please feel free to tell the staff.

The blog updated on the homepage has many interesting articles for those interested in Japanese sweets and sake. For example, Japanese confectionery articles feature craftsman profiles and points of special attention, so if you eat them after knowing them, you will feel different pleasure. In addition, articles that can be easily viewed such as daily reports of staff and events in the store are also posted. There are other content related to Japanese sweets on the website, so please check it out.
The bar that offers Japanese sweets is rare in Kyoto, so it was introduced by a famous magazine. Japanese confectionery and liquor are not usually linked easily, but once you have them, you can feel their compatibility, so please try it once if you are interested.