A cafe with a reputation in Shichijo can be used with pets

The famous cafe in Shichijo is limited to terrace seats at the storefront, but even those with pets can visit it. The Kamogawa River runs through Kyoto nearby, so some people come to the evening when the sun is weakened and it is easier to walk around.
Because it is set at a reasonable price to make it easy for everyone to use, many students attend Kyoto University. The keema curry that is offered during lunch hours is also popular for its low price.
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Please enjoy Japanese sweets at a cafe open in Shichijo

Unusual in Kyoto, it is a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese sweets with sake. Some people are wondering if sweets and alcohol are suitable, but Japanese sweets are very well in harmony with alcohol. The ingredients are the same rice, especially sake and Japanese confectionery, but it also goes well with whiskey and cocktails. When you come to the store, the staff will carefully explain which Japanese confectionery and liquor are recommended.
Since the owner is still young, students often come to see their older brother. There are also costume tournaments, calling guests, and holding various events on a regular basis, so there are people who come to visit them. We have received thorough customer service guidance so that all customers can enjoy it, and we have received high praise from many people for being comfortable at any time.

You can enjoy various drinks at the famous cafe in Shichijo

We have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for those who like sake. Japanese sweets that use rice flour as a raw material are sake made from sake rice, and refreshing cocktails are used for Ochigo and Wasanbon. The staff will recommend recommendations for those who visit, but it will be interesting to try various things by yourself.
At night, alcohol is served as a bar, but the lunch menu Keema Curry is popular during lunch hours. The curry that the staff made with all the heart contains plenty of vegetables, so students with great appetite can be satisfied. In addition, fried eggs using fresh eggs and savory baked cheese are also on the table, so they can be eaten deliciously for children to relieve spiciness. Japanese sweets are served even during lunch hours, and it is recommended that you stop by during the walk, so feel free to visit us.

A variety of Japanese sweets are available at the famous cafe in Shichijo

We offer Japanese sweets made with great care by Kyoto craftsmen. Many Japanese sweets look great enough to be described as edible art. For example, you can enjoy not only the taste but also the sight, such as agar, where goldfish swim elegantly in the clear water, and the flower-shaped casket that has a beautiful beauty. The sweetness of Japanese sweets goes well with a variety of sake, so please enjoy the harmony when you visit the bar.
Keema curry is served in the lunch menu during lunch hours. The staff is proud of their handmade curry rich in flavor, fried egg with good texture, and cheese that has been baked. Cheese and eggs relieve the curry spicy, and those who like the sweet taste are also popular, so please try it once.

You can enjoy matcha as well as sake at the hottest cafe in Shichijo

It is famous for enjoying both Japanese sweets and sake, but you can enjoy orthodox matcha. Matcha tea is served by pouring it into a glass, so it will be especially delicious in the hot and humid summer of Kyoto.
Kyoto is famous for its many students, so many people visit every day. Therefore, the store is always lively and has a bright atmosphere. In addition, it has a good reputation as a bar where students can go easily because it is set at a reasonable price so that it can be easily accessed by students. Because the owner likes talking, there are many people who go to talk. Because the store smokes, people who don't smoke don't have to worry about the smell, and those who want to smoke can enjoy it without thinking of their shoulders being narrow. In addition, please come once as it is a popular store that has been introduced in magazines.


You can enjoy sake with Japanese sweets at the hottest cafe in Shichijo

You can enjoy cute Kyoto sweets with your eyes

The cafe in Shichijo offers not only sake but also Japanese sweets. Japanese sweets are served differently depending on the season, such as rock sugar that makes you feel cool at the beginning of summer, and the coconut cake that calms down as winter approaches, so you can always enjoy new encounters whenever you visit.
One of the attractions of Japanese sweets is the beauty of their appearance. For example, agar sweets are designed as if the Milky Way is in the night sky, and there are also Japanese sweets shaped like plum blossoms and autumn leaves. It is elegant and sweet and not only delicious, but you can enjoy it with your eyes as if you loved figurines.


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