It is a location where tourists can visit with confidence.

The cafe that is attracting attention in Shichijo is just a short walk from the nearest station. Therefore, even tourists who are not familiar with the land are easy to visit, and many customers come to the store to finish their journey. The main hall is about 120m long, and there is Sanjusangendo, famous for the “Throwing Arrow” performed underneath. There are also many other famous places such as the Kyoto National Museum and the Keisei-en Garden. The Kamogawa River, which is famous throughout Japan as a date spot, is nearby, and many people come along after watching Kyoto where two people can't live together on the riverbed.
Because it is in a good location near the station, it is often used for welcome parties and farewell parties. In addition to the Keihan Main Line, the nearest station is also in a place where you can quickly reach Kyoto Station, so it is convenient even if there are participants from far away. It is also possible to move a table to accommodate a large number of people, so please call us if you are looking for a place where you can have a banquet in Kyoto.

You can enjoy beautiful Japanese sweets at a cafe that has a good reputation in Shichijo


Store name

Japanese confectionery bar VIPPA

Street address

244-1 Shimoborizume-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

phone number
business hours

11:30 〜 16:30

Regular holiday

Water tree


藤井 功輔


The famous cafe around Shichijo is rare even in Kyoto, and it serves Japanese sweets with sake. Not only Japanese sake, the raw material of which is the same, but also Japanese sweets are compatible with various types of sake. Japanese sweets made with great care by Kyoto craftsmen have different designs depending on the season, and they can be enjoyed not only by the tongue but also by the eyes. We are open for lunch, so if you are interested, please come.

Japanese sweets made with rice are suitable for various kinds of sake

Since it is open during the day, even children can come to the store

It is a bar that is easy to reach by one person or several people, but it is also suitable for holding various banquets by renting out the store. There are counters and table seats in the store, but it is possible to change the arrangement so that a large number of people can enter when it is reserved. There are various types of drinks, and cold matcha and soft drinks are also available, so it is a cozy shop for those who like alcohol and those who can't drink very much. The nearest station is the Keihan Main Line, so it is easy to come from inside and outside Kyoto Prefecture. Also, since it is within walking distance from Kyoto Station, even those who come from far away can enjoy the time of the Shinkansen.
In order to delight our customers, we have devised the decoration. For example, the lighting inside the store was adjusted to create a calm atmosphere. In addition, there is a terrace seat outside the store, so you can enjoy sake and Japanese sweets while hitting the night breeze on sunny days. Of course, we are also focusing on customer service, and it is popular that each service is polite, so please come to the store when ordering.

We run a bar at a short walk from Shichijo Station. The Keihan Main Line, which extends to Osaka City, is entering the station, so it is easy to travel from a distance. Also, if you walk for a while, you will reach Kyoto Station, so it is not uncommon for people who have been sightseeing in the city to spend time at the bar on the bullet train. Around the bar, including the Kyoto National Museum, where Rodin's “Thinking Person” and Ashiya Sotatsu's “Fujin Raijin Zanfu” are stored, as well as the Shinsei Garden with beautiful gardens and Sanjusangendo, famous for archery There are many famous places in Kyoto. Therefore, you can visit them during the daytime, and after a sun sets, you can come to the store after a break.
There are many people who come as a date because the famous Kamogawa River flows in the immediate vicinity because couples line up at equal intervals on the riverbed. The Japanese sweets we offer range from small and cute items to elaborate gems like crafts, which will make your time more happier. In addition, there are various types of sake, from sake using the same rice as Japanese sweets to colorful cocktails, so you can enjoy what you like. On sunny days, you can relax at the terrace seats prepared at the storefront, so feel free to visit us if you are interested in the bars that are open in Shichijo.